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Helping to prevent nuisance calls since 2005.

CPR Global does not sell your details to any organisation. If you receive any calls after opting for the enhanced or premium service, just give us a call / email with the company details that have called you. We will then contact them and ask for you details to be removed from their calling list. We will pass on confirmation of this to you.

We keep our service simple - we stop nuisance phone calls. Nothing puzzling about us!

A Champion for the Consumer

We side with the consumer in nuisance call prevention...

CPR Global aims to be the most effective company in stopping nuisance phone calls due to its regular correspondence with both international and UK based call centres that frequently make unsolicited phone calls. Under Government legislation introduced on 1st May 1999 and replaced in 2004 by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2004, it is unlawful to make unsolicited telesales/marketing calls to individuals who have expressed their wish not to receive such calls.

No puzzles... we stop nuisance calls. Simple.

Organisations we work with...

Proactively working with UK and international data companies

Nuisance or unwanted calls are sadly on the increase due to companies no longer being allowed to contact you directly with their products and services via email. So unfortunately it has a knock on effect, and these companies are now reverting back to using the telephone to try and sell you something, you really do not want. The Call Prevention Registry was formed to help you put a stop to these calls. As soon as you are registered with ourselves, we will immediately get to work to prevent your unwanted nuisance calls for you.


'The Database'

You've probably heard this before... 'but you're on our database which is why you're receiving this call'. We get you taken OFF The database!

Another nuisance caller? We can stop them today...

Stopping calls

Whether its PPI claims, insurance, double glazing or utlitily companies - if they are calling you without your permission then they are breaking the law. We help you reclaim your privacy.
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About our service...

When you register with us, you are not in a contract and the cost of our service is £39.99 ($69.99). We will advise you on how to block nuisance calls and also recommend call blocking products as part of the solution. Register with us and you'll experience this.

Data Cleansing

We can remove your details from databases which have not been updated for years. We carry out searches and connect with organisations who use your details without authorisation.

Marketing overload?

In the 'connected' space we now live in, we're constantly accessible to sales messages and marketing materials via our mobile phone, email, telephone, tv, etc. Imagine a world where you only received the information you wanted? Register with us and you'll experience this.